Big Herkimer Diamond Ring Copper
Big Herkimer Diamond Ring Copper
Big Herkimer Diamond Ring Copper
Big Herkimer Diamond Ring Copper
Big Herkimer Diamond Ring Copper


Big Herkimer Diamond Ring Copper

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Big Herkimer Diamond Ring | Raw Diamond Ring | Stacking Ring | Stackable Ring | April Birthstone Ring | Birthstone Jewelry | Electroformed

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This Herkimer Diamond Ring is unique and one of a kind. The metal delicately accents the stone, bringing out its natural beauty. All our rings feature a base metal of copper, which is carefully formed around the ring using a process that can take anywhere from 8 to 32 hours. Once that is complete, we file and sand it to the desired shape and texture. Only then do we tumble and polish it to a mirror finish.

💎 Herkimer Diamond: Healing, Amplification, Vibrancy
Like Clear Quartz, the Herkimer Diamond is used for healing and cleansing. Its effects are stronger, as it is the most powerful of all quartz crystals. Like Quartz, it amplifies all crystals, and energizes them with its intensity. It enhances spontaneity, while providing creativity, inner wisdom, and an overall sense of inner vibrance. It clears EMFs, radioactivity and geopathic stress.
Birthstone: April.
Chakras: Crown.
Zodiac: Aries ♈︎, Taurus ♉︎, Gemini ♊︎, Cancer ♋︎, Leo ♌︎, Virgo ♍︎, Libra ♎︎, Scorpio ♏︎, Sagittarius ♐︎, Capricorn ♑︎, Aquarius ♒︎, Pisces ♓︎.

Copper is a grounding metal that is known for bringing balance and amplifying energy. Copper is known to increase your mental agility and focus. It is an excellent conduit for all energies, subtly enhancing the properties of crystals and aligning your own energy field. Copper improves all cycles (like blood circulation), increases energy, and detoxifies your body.

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